An Update, a Vaporizer Giveaway, and an Apology


I just wanted to write a quick note to keep you guys informed about what’s going on with me these days!

I apologize for my lack of content lately, I’m finishing up a few big projects and I haven’t had much time for fun stuff in the past week. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been feverishly coming up with ideas though, so stay tuned – I have some really good ones. I have some time off coming up, so expect to hear from me!

Also, for the record, my WordPress has been acting up and tends to unfollow people without asking me, so please don’t be offended or panic if something happens. When I get some time, I’m going to fix everything.


I’ll be writing a post shortly about my new Dirty December 10 Prize Giveaway, but I’ll just tell you about it in the meantime. Remember the Imag+ vaporizer I tried out a couple weeks ago and absolutely love? has been extremely generous and donated the Imag+ Ceramic Vaporizer (plus 9 other awesome prizes!) for a Giveaway to thank my followers this holiday season. Enter to win here!!!


Plus feel free to use my special code OPHELIA122015 to save 10% on anything else from their US and Canada stores!



Thank you for reading, as always, and stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “An Update, a Vaporizer Giveaway, and an Apology

  1. I have had ppl accidentally unfollow me and vice versa as well lately. I have written a few Adult themed posts, erotica and one that was outright borderline porn dared by 3 authors, 2 females. I lost a few viewers though they were labeled and now I wrote a suggestive one, some storyboarding and a shady pic and no vulgar words but very little bites. They email me instead. I guess as i was told by another published as an author to get a second site saying I am a female as men are supposedly not allowed to write such. IDK. If you have some feedback I would appreciate. I can write them a lot differently but try not to psh it or use more imagery as well. Different wordings etc…


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