Cyber Week Deals From My Affiliates | Ophelia’s Discount Code


When you’re all done buying your Tupperware, vacuums, and video games for the kids on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don’t forget to take a minute and think about yourself for once. When was the last time you splurged and bought yourself a new sex toy or smoking accessory?

My affiliates are having some pretty sweet deals right now for Cyber Week, so I thought I’d share them with you!


Right now Good Vibrations is offering up to 20% off from 11/30-12/2 as follows: 10% off $85, 15% off $100, and 20% off $150. As I mentioned in my story here, if you are living your life without a Magic Wand, you are not fully living your life. Now would be a great time to pick one up from Good Vibes so you can take advantage of the discount – you can find the Original here, or the new Rechargeable here.



Or how about a new vaporizer? Craig, the owner of, wants to thank all my followers this holiday season by offering 10% off EVERYTHING on the site until 12/31/15! This goes for both and for my Canadian friends. All you need to do is enter my special code OPHELIA122015 at checkout to receive the discount. If my review on the Imag+ Ceramic Vape piqued your interest, perhaps now is a good time to pick it up! And since my code is valid all month long, you might want to pick one up as a holiday gift as well. 😉


But if all else fails, at least enter my Dirty December Giveaway for a free Imag+ Ceramic Vape, plus 9 other prizes! Ends on Christmas Day!


And those are my thoughts with a credit card in hand….


What other companies would you like to see me get discounts to?



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