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Recently, as I mentioned here, I teamed up with because I really like their line of products and the people who work there. I’ve been speaking with the owner Craig and he has been gracious enough to send me his Imag Plus Ceramic portable vaporizer in exchange for my truthful, unbiased opinion of it.

Here’s a quick science lesson first to understand how temperature affects marijuana:

What is Combustion?


When you smoke marijuana via traditional methods such as a joint, bong, or pipe, you light the dry herb on fire and inhale the resulting smoke in what is called ‘combustion.’ Marijuana combusts at about 400° F, and your standard butane Bic lighter has a flame of about 700° F up to about 3,500° F – so you can see why “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” When marijuana goes through combustion, some toxins are released when chemical bonds between carbon atoms in the plant molecules are broken. Fortunately, cannabinoids like THC (the stuff that gets you high) and CBD (what is used medicinally) found in marijuana offset the carcinogens released during combustion, and they are actually found to counteract the respiratory effects caused by the smoke.

However, if you could choose to limit the amount of toxins you inhale to begin with, you would right?


What is Vaping in Relation to Marijuana?

Vaporizers are specifically crafted to have heating elements that only heat up to a certain temperature to eliminate combustion, and therefore lessen the release of toxins. According to an experiment done by High Times, they discovered that a higher temperature uses about four times as much herb as a lower temperature does, so vaping really stretches out your stash. Plus as a bonus, there’s still a little THC in vaped herb so you can use it to make your own cannabutter for edibles (I’ll teach you how soon), oil, hash, or even still smoke it if you can stand the taste! Of course you can vape tobacco and other herbs too, not just marijuana!

The Imag Plus Ceramic Portable Vaporizer


I currently own two other ‘pen’ portable vaporizers that I bought that I am completely unimpressed with because I can’t get them to work with dry herb. So honestly, I was actually nervous about trying out‘s Imag Plus because how awkward would it be to write a crappy first review for them?

Fortunately, I am VERY far from having that problem.

The shipping department got the package to me very quickly, and everything arrived safely and intact. My first impression of the Imag Plus inside its box was that it looks really sleek and discrete. I was impressed with the product packaging and the velvet trays inside to hold the pieces. But what was most impressive to me was the heft of the vape – I am officially dubbing this thing ‘The Maglight of Vaporizers.’ It’s the perfect weight so that it isn’t uncomfortable to hold, but you can really feel the quality. It is in no way flimsy, and it seems like it can take some damage. Truth be told, in the few weeks or so that I’ve been getting to know it I’ve dropped it twice, had it buried at the bottom of my purse, and smashed my Mustang’s console lid on it while driving, and there is literally no damage. (My bad.) It’s made of that soft, smooth, matte, rubber-like material that doesn’t seem to scratch easily, with glossy black plastic parts and a gold accent (on the black version.)


The trouble I’ve had with past portable vapes is that I can’t seem to get dry herb to vape consistently, or even vape at all. I was absolutely thrilled to find that this vape vapes perfectly. It has three heat settings designated by a green light for (374° F / 190° C), blue for (410° F / 210° C), and red for (446° F / 230° C). Cannabinoids begin to vaporize at around 285° F and combust at 394° F, but the optimal temperature to vape at is around 340° F. At this temperature, very few/none of the toxins are released, and only the good stuff is inhaled. The green setting on the Imag Plus is the perfect temperature to vape at, but you have the option to bump it up if you like a harder THC hit. I recommend vaping on green until you can’t taste anything anymore, bumping it up to blue for some time, then bumping it up once more to the highest setting until it’s cached.

The hits are super smooth, and actually taste sweet. I love the taste of vaporized weed, and it doesn’t leave that terrible resin film on your tongue. This vape burns completely consistently and it leaves you with intact herb that only turns a light brown color. If the herb turned black or became ashes, you’d know that it’s heating at way too high a temperature.


One of the best parts about this vape is the incredibly universal charging cable – one end is USB, the other end is micro-USB that goes into the vape. I’m actually able to charge it with my cell phone cord if necessary, and I was able to charge it at a friend’s house on some random cord he had when it died! It gives me about 2-3 days on a full charge if used lightly.

My favorite part about this vape is that it’s suuuuuper easy to use publicly. I’ve used this vape in the car on a road trip, the park, the pool, the library, a party, you name it – anywhere I needed to be discrete, and no one has noticed a thing. (It has traveled in the last few weeks…) There’s virtually no smell, so no one has a clue what you’re smoking. Also – the best part for me is using it in my convertible. One of only two bad things about driving a convertible is that it is impossible to keep a lighter lit long enough to light anything when you have the top down. (And I like taking my top off a lot…) So a vape is a must have for convertible-owners. I also like that it warms up a little bit on the outside – this is perfect for New England weather and my perpetually frozen female hands!

The only negative thing that crossed my mind about this vape is the duration you have to hold down the button to change the temperature setting. I feel like I have to hold it a bit longer than seems right which oftentimes leads to having to hold it down a second time because I didn’t wait long enough. This is also a feature though so you don’t accidentally press it when you don’t mean to, so I’m ok with it. It also would be nice if it came with a wall outlet for the USB cord, but I have plenty of extras personally. (I really had to search to find negatives about this vape, so there it is.)

You can also tell that this is a quality vape because it comes with an array of accessories, and even a little velvet bag for them. They give you the charging cable, an extra mouth piece, tweezers, a cleaning brush, packing tool, and manual.




I’ve spent more money on vapes that didn’t even work, so I can easily recommend this product and give it 9/10 – especially for the price. Vaping is better for your respiratory system, and it’s perfect for times when you can’t smoke like at a concert.

You can find the Imag Plus Ceramic right here on

What are your thoughts on vaping vs smoking?

Happy Vaping!




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  1. Just a note from Neville & I to say thank you for liking some of our posts.. We see you! we’ve been reading some of your posts too🙊 Explained to Neville how you get sent things to review.. similar to how we’d like to have music sent to us to review. Guess you inspired us a little bit. 😉 Noticed you were a fan of edm also? Would love to hear what you’re interested in. Sorry for commenting, feel free to delete! Had no other way of messaging you. Stay well, we’re keeping an eye out for your posts .. 😋


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