I’ve Just Had the Best Two Orgasms of My Entire Life.


As a woman, I must say that while we hear a lot about “clitoral orgasms” and “G-spot orgasms,” it isn’t always clear which one is which while it’s actually happening. Though there is no proven scientific evidence yet that it truly exists, the G-spot was named after German gynecologist Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, and it is the supposed area that contributes to deep orgasms, and even possibly female ejaculation. I haven’t exactly spent any concentrated time performing the scientific method on myself either, but I’ve always known that I prefer “the dick kind” of orgasm as opposed to what I can do with a vibrator on my clit. By way of deduction, I surmised that “the dick kind” probably is the infamous “G-spot orgasm” that everyone talks about, I just didn’t have it nailed down yet.

Diagram of The Fabled G-Spot

We received a new toy recently as a gift that I’ve been meaning to give a go, so I decided Monday was as good a day as any. So I reached under the bed for the box, opened it, and removed the contents. The Njoy Pure Wand is a stainless steel, double-ended dildo, and it comes in a stunning, durable storage box with a satin lining. Even being about 65°F in the bedroom, the dildo was still pretty frigid and cool to the touch. This may sound terrible to some, but I love using cold elements like frozen popsicles and ice during sex, so I couldn’t wait to see how it would feel.

I got comfortable in bed, opened up my laptop, logged into my account on my favorite porn site, and began searching for something good to watch. I really love working myself up and taking my time, so I smoked while I watched a few videos, listened to some chill EDM, and slowly stroked my inner thighs. I moved my fingers from my inner thighs to the outer lips of my pussy, teasing myself while I watched a blonde on her knees sucking 5 cocks in a circle around her. I’m not usually interested in watching blow jobs themselves, but I really love penises, and she got to play with five – it was hot.

I guess she likes popsicles, too…

So the Pure Wand is about 11” curved from end to end, has one large “bulb” on one end, and a smaller one on the other. It weighs 1.5 pounds so it’s got quite a bit of heft, which is nice – I’ll tell you why later. I decided to tease my clit with the small end, so I slid it up and down the length of my pussy hanging onto the other end comfortably with one hand. I put the whole dildo between my thighs, turned onto my side, and gently rocked against it because it’s sturdy and long enough to be used hands-free. The combination of doing all of this while watching porn had me wet in no time. I didn’t want it to get warm, so I removed it from between my thighs and set it aside to cool off again while I switched to another video.


I took a couple more hits, settled back in, and held the dildo by the smaller end this time. I rubbed the large bulb against my clit, and between the weight, shape, and sexy, slick surface of it, it seemed to fall perfectly within my slit so I could slide it up and down without having to guide it. After gliding it around until it drew my juices to the surface, I eventually allowed it to find my opening. Because of the substantial heft of it, it was as if my vagina was thick quicksand where the gravitational pull combined with how wet I was forced it to slowly plunge deeper inside me, cooling me from the inside an inch at a time. The cold metal felt amazing and I loved how I could feel exactly where the bulbous end was inside me just because of the chilled surface. The Pure Wand is shaped absolutely perfectly because the big bulb seemed to “catch” on a bit of a corner right where my G-spot should be. Also because it’s pretty long, it reached up to my clit where I could rub the shaft there, or I could just use the other end as a handle for penetration and not involve my clit. I kept gently penetrating myself and occasionally pulled the dildo out of me and dragged it up across my clit – one of my favorite things to do as it gives an amazing sensation.

After years of not officially solving the orgasm mystery, I was still skeptical that the area the bulb was catching on was my G-spot, but I couldn’t ignore that giving it attention felt really good. So I began gently thrusting the cool bulb up against that area, and it was like beating a large gong – a sensation emanated through my body that told me that if I keep this up, I’m either going to piss myself or cum my brains out. I experimented a little and tried changing up the speed and rhythm of my thrusts against the area, and I started recognizing I was getting “the dick kind” of feelings. So I worked and worked that little spot until what had been building up inside of me for a half hour exploded and I came so hard that I saw stars.


But wait – it gets better. Of course, the scientist in me was in the back of my head convinced that I must have touched my clit somehow by accident and that’s what got me off and why it was so powerful. So as an experiment, immediately after cumming, I touched my fingers to my clit and couldn’t believe what happened – I felt an electric jolt of pleasure snap through my body. It was as if my sexual transmission shifted into a higher gear. The sensation of my fingers touching my clit was a completely different feeling than the one I had experienced a split second before, so I knew for a fact that I had given myself a true, genuine G-spot orgasm.

I became so struck by emotion having answered one of my most pondered questions that I could barely concentrate on fingering myself. However, I know that in any time of need, my Magic Wand Original will always be there, so I reached for it and put it on full blast. In just a minute or two, I had an incredible clitoral orgasm that felt very different from the first, but still amazing.

I say that they were the best two orgasms of my life not just because of how they physically felt, but because of what they meant. I’m an incredibly sexual person, and settling something that had been bugging me for years was really gratifying. As ridiculous as it sounds, I feel like I’ve graduated womanhood. You know that swagger you had the day after you lost your virginity? That’s me right now. When I gently slid the Pure Wand out of me, I wanted to just kiss it, but it was soaked in my juices so I skipped that.


Overall, the Njoy Pure Wand is obviously getting a big, fat 10 from me. I’ve even used it a few times since this first experience (obviously, for science) and I am absolutely blown away that I can feel that good from something with no batteries or power cord. The hypoallergenic, medical-grade, non-porous stainless steel is super classy, and it only requires soap and water to clean it. It will never decay or corrode, so I can’t see why this toy wouldn’t literally last you a lifetime. Try putting it in the fridge/freezer, or in hot or cold water for fun! It’s also perfect for traveling – no vibrations to irritate TSA, and it’s completely silent! (Warning – you won’t be.) It is a “double-ended dildo” technically, so I’m curious to play with my husband and see if I can get him on the other end of it. 😉

It does have potential to be a little dangerous due to its weight if you aren’t careful, mostly because it could cause pain if thrust too hard against the cervix (refer back to the diagram if you need a refresher!). I actually have an IUD, so I have to be especially careful of how hard and deep I thrust things. The Pure Wand is recommended as one of the best toys to elicit female ejaculation, and I can see why. I haven’t been able to squirt in my lifetime yet (that I noticed), but it’s definitely something I strive to explore. Again, it’s just something I’ve never set my mind to, and I also “hold back” a bit when I cum because I do feel that something will happen if I don’t. So maybe I can and I haven’t allowed myself to! It’s pretty hot, and I’m very sure the Pure Wand is probably going to be the toy that will make me squirt.


This thing was magical, and I CANNOT URGE YOU MORE VEHEMENTLY TO ACQUIRE IT. Ask your partner, ask Santa, sell your watch, rob a lemonade stand – it just must be done. You can buy it here for about the lowest price I’ve seen, but act quickly because it keeps going out of stock. While it’s a little expensive, it’s worth the money for something that will probably last forever, and can also double as a weapon. Most importantly, it will likely change your life. If you’re still unsure about your G-spot, this thing will answer all your questions right away. I didn’t think that I would find another life-changing toy after I discovered the Magic Wand, but I do believe I’ve done it again.

And those are my thoughts with a dildo in hand.

-Ophelia xo

PS-Thought I’d take advantage of the beautiful Fall colors of Boston….
UPDATE: This thing has made me squirt like a porn star.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to explain myself to any neighbors during the photo shoot….

28 thoughts on “I’ve Just Had the Best Two Orgasms of My Entire Life.

  1. Omg!!! Both my partner and I read your post and we got so turned on, we wanted to have sex right away. But sex fairies weren’t with us, cos we were both at work and couldn’t do it! Anyway you were so graphic and it made us decide to acquire our next toy! It’s very expensive though, so it’s unfortunately something that we have to plan. Keep it coming!


  2. Your imagery and attention to detail was so vivid that even though I am a guy I think I experienced either a clitoral or g-spot orgasm. Intense. well I tried anyway. I am not kidding though when I say your writing skills are superb.


  3. I’m a squirter and I understand exactly the feelings that one faces when right on the edge. I highly recommend, if you are interested in exploring this, experimenting in the tub. I learned how to allow myself to squirt masturbating in the bath tub so I didn’t have any concerns about letting go completely and just seeing what happens. Thanks for sharing this!


    Liked by 1 person

  4. I still remember (and fantasize about) the first time I used one of these on a lover.
    Let me just say that it was a good thing her wrists and ankles were snugly secured or she’d have bounced off the ceiling.


  5. for some reason, I thought I was the only woman who liked her toys cold/icy, so I was happy to read this… thank you!!! (and the toy sounds amazing. swoon.)


  6. I was unsure if I’d find this interesting but since work was eating my soul I kept reading, and reading. People asked for things and I agreed so I could finish. It was very good I’m just unsure of when I’d use it. Or, how but after reading your review I wanted to buy it. Maybe, I could hang my keys on it like those big carabiners.


  7. I must admit I haven’t often read your blog posts, but the title obviously drew me in! And I must say it was a very interesting read and I can see myself visiting your blog more often from now on. You are excellent at describing everything. 🙂

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  8. Ophelia, I know where you should go on the first Sunday in April – the Steel Phallus festival at the Kanayama Shrine, Kawasaki, Japan. They carry an enormous bubble-gum pink dick statue through the streets, everybody gets to suck penis-shaped popsicles, and touching the dick brings fertility, protection against STDs, maybe even better (tho’ probably not possible in your case….) orgasms. The story:

    ” Legend has it, a sharp-toothed demon dwelled in a young woman’s vagina that castrated two men on their wedding nights. Distraught (and possibly quite horny by then), she sought help from the village blacksmith to forge a steel phallus to break the demon’s teeth. Since then, a penis shrine has been erected (obvious pun intended) that many pray to for various reasons.”

    Google it: the sight of little girls and old ladies sucking penis-shaped candies is…..weird.

    Turn that “Donate” money into a pilgrimage!!!

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  9. I’ve seen this toy in other places and I was curious about it. When something gets such consistently rave reviews it’s either paid advertising hype or a seriously good product, so I’m very happy to read about it from what I consider a trustworthy source.
    This might be a very merry christmas for my wife…


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