Industry Spotlight:


Hey guys! I’m pretty stoked to tell you about a vaporizer company I just teamed up with called Vaped. I’ve been speaking with the owner and he’s a super polite and chill guy. He’s owned Vaped since May of this year. He resides here in the US, but the company serves both Canada and the United States – tough job juggling two countries.

These guys seem really top-notch and that’s why I decided to partner up with them. They only carry top-quality, brand named vapes they have personally tested first-hand to ensure customer satisfaction. (Wonder if they’re accepting tester applications….) The customer always comes first with them and their products are warrantied for at least a year because they’re authentic. They offer discrete shipping, of course, and even offer a price match guarantee! Plus you get a free grinder with most purchases.

They sell portable vapes, and desktop vapes. Here are a couple well-known vapes they sell that I’ve heard good things about:

Magic Flight Launch Box




A pretty sweet looking desktop vape:

Vapir Rise 2.0


And the holy grail of vapes:

The Volcano


This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I’ve never actually had the pleasure of using a Volcano. I’ve been dreaming of it for years, and I simply cannot wait to try one. Now, if I had the Volcano and the Magic Wand Rechargeable in my possession, you would NEVER see me leave my bed. But, I digress.

So definitely check these guys out if you get a chance, I’m really excited to work with them. You can find them here, or you can follow them on Twitter @realvaped. Tell them Ophelia sent you. 😉

Stay tuned for a review of one of their portable vapes, and a GIVEAWAY:

Imag Plus Ceramic


Have you guys tried vaping? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Industry Spotlight:

  1. I will be at met three year vamping anniversary in January. Haven’t had a cig since my first Ego-style with Clearomizer arrived in the mail. I currently use an eLeaf iStick 20w withe Kanger Genitank. I haven’t gone to a fancy mod because I just don’t think I need one! They are cool, for sure, but since I am not a cloud chaser and keep my cig at 7w on a 1.8 coil, I think higher end device might be overkill. That volcano might be fun to try though!


  2. Been vaping for years, but just purchased my first ‘serious’ mod last week. Once I started sub ohm vaping, there was no going back. No experience with the volcano, but if I still smoked weed, I would be all over it!

    Thanks for writing up the site and products I’ll be checking them out! 🙂


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