Industry Spotlight: Toker Supply

I just hooked up with Toker Supply and I’m super excited! They have some really beautiful products, and their website is very easy to navigate – plus they’re US based and offer free shipping in the US! They sell vapes, glass pipes, water pipes, and a whole slew of accessories. My favorite part about them is how unique their products are! Here are some items that caught my eye:

Eyce- A water pipe made out of solid ice! What!! It is a mold kit that you simply fill with water and freeze, looks super easy, and HAS to have the smoothest hits ever. Can’t wait to try this one.


Roll-uh-Bowl- The convenient, folding, silicone water pipe that’s perfect for travel, camping, hiking, or anywhere, really!


Pipe Mug- Because, why not? The hollow handle allows the smoke to circumvent your beverage so there’s no contamination. Perfect solution for cotton mouth, I’d say. 😉


And finally, the Saxophone- simply because it’s just adorable, and a nice touch for music geeks like me.


What’s also really awesome about them is they sell a variety of kits that pair up products and accessories, such as this Rasta Sock Edition Kit-


I also love that they offer an exclusive monthly membership where you receive a special box of hand-picked accessories discretely right at your door. For less than a night out for dinner, it’s like Christmas every month! Based on the reviews, their customers seem to love it! This sounds pretty sweet!


These guys are super awesome, and I’m actually going to be trying out one of their products soon, so stay tuned for a piece in my Product Reviews section!

Definitely check them out here and feel free to add them on Twitter @TokerSupply for their latest products and sales!

When was the last time you rewarded yourself with an awesome, new piece? You deserve it! What’s your favorite piece to smoke or vape with?

3 thoughts on “Industry Spotlight: Toker Supply

  1. Holy shit, that pipe mug is cool. I would love it if the water for the bong part was entrapped within the sides, so that the mug could be used for coffee while being able to hit of bong with the smoke travelling through the walls


    1. Ready for this? It does. It’s not a water pipe, it’s a regular pipe – so the smoke goes through the walls, and you hit it from the top. Meanwhile, your coffee, mimosa, or bloody Mary stays intact. Mind=blown. 😉 🙊


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