POLL: Do You Masturbate When You’re Sick?

I appeared to have come down with a magical combination of both a cold AND the flu at the end of last week, and spent the greater part of the weekend miserable. However, because of my clear general overabundance of hormones, I found myself realizing that I hadn’t had an orgasm in days.

It’s not that I was even remotely horny at all – I barely have the strength to make myself toast – it was more of an awareness that I’m missing out on all the orgasms I normally would have had if I was well. I’m feeling halfway normal today, so I thought I’d give it a go – perhaps it would boost my overall well-being with a rush of endorphins, who knows?

So, I pulled out my trusty Magic Wand from my toy chest and went to town. Unfortunately, the town appeared to be closed.

As you know if you read my post The Day it Happened…, I can cum in a minute or less if necessary with my “Jackhammer,” but no matter what I did or thought about, I simply couldn’t get off. I tried for about 10 minutes, and all I seemed to do was make myself weaker, despite feeling much better today. I eventually gave up, and I don’t even feel “half-finished.” I need a nurse.


So what’s your experience with orgasms and illnesses like a cold/flu? Are you even interested? Are you able to orgasm? Does it feel the same?

20 thoughts on “POLL: Do You Masturbate When You’re Sick?

  1. I might take a whack at it (pun very intended) if it’s a minor illness. More out of habit than anything else.
    Slight change of topic: I was coming down from an acid trip years ago and decided I’d try and masturbate. Probably to help fall asleep since it was really late. Anyway, I basically had to force myself and when I came it was really strange…I remember feeling somewhat hollow and mechanical.


  2. 30 years or so ago I had mononucleosis–I was in my 30s. Very bad at that age, far more threatening than as a teen. I was so weak, lost 70 pounds etc. The day I woke up and jerked off to a picture of Jesus on my wall (I was in seminary) was when I knew all would be well. Thanks for reminding me.


  3. I have no problem getting off when I’m sick. In the middle of having a gall bladder attack I think I had 7 orgasms. It seemed like that was the only way to get through the pain. Some of the best O’s I’ve experienced.


  4. I never really thought about it until now while reading this. I am very ill at the moment. Have no idea why but…. Wow barely got started and dont know where all the heat came from.. maybe my vagina has a fever too.. I feel better… not completely.. but something inside feels better. Maybe those endorphins mentioned earlier.


  5. Most times when I’m sick, I’m figuratively on my deathbed. I’m barely functioning so the thought to masturbate never crosses my mind. The upside is that when I do start craving a little self loving, I know that I’m on the mend!

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  6. I masturbate every day normally twice a day.. Sick or not. The only time I don’t is if I am saving it for a few days because I am planning on “marking my submissive” with a facial.. Then I want it to be a large load so that they are properly marked.


  7. Unless I’m deathly ill, no problem. Basically, if the energy required to lay there and let my wife have her way with me is better spent on recovery, I’ll abstain, but otherwise it’s always worth a shot. If nothing else, it will make you feel a little better!


  8. For me it depends on how sick I feel….Death bed sick…No way…Just a small cold…my libido functions as usual….never thought I’d share that info….but there it is. 🙂


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