10 thoughts on “Isn’t It The Strangest Thing….

  1. I’ll never forget the feeling of my heart breaking.

    The pain was so intense.

    I contemplated not waking up the next morning in fear of having to feel it again some day.

    I was alone.

    However, in saying that, the feeling of taking complete control of your life and opening your broken heart up to someone who wants to fix it, can also be the best feeling in the world… this outweighs that pain.

    There is a man behind me who broke my heart who will never comprehend what his lost and continue to question his actions, but there is also a man, not in front of me, but beside me, learning to love me at my worst …whose fixing it.


    Because I am worthy of happiness. I am worthy of being loved. I am worthy of having a complete heart.

    Because, I am worthy.

    A.G. x


  2. I think I would take physical pain over mental pain of depression ans anxiety any day, but as you say it is terrible when the latter manifests as the former.

    Take care of yourself, lovely.


  3. I’ve actually torn muscles in my chest cavity, as well as suffered from pericarditis. The pain of these afflictions can be excruciating. Still, sometimes I think I would take them both over the emotional gutting of depression.
    Wishing you tranquility and peace.


  4. It hurts, I’ve felt it tear, that picture seems to know how it feels. Crying so hard that tears just don’t come any more and the emptiness, the cavernous emptiness in the pit of your stomach.
    It sucks. It hurts. I never want to feel it again. I hope you never have to either.


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