What’s Your Experience with the Paranormal?

I’m not sure if it stems from my lifelong depression, but I’ve always been a huge fan of the macabre. I borrowed my mom’s Sylvia Browne books when I was younger, and really got a taste for the paranormal. I went through a “goth” phase in high school, and I’m still drawn to anything with a skull on it – I just really dig dark stuff.

I had a friend in high school who was also into the paranormal, so we decided to try to go “look” for something. We looked up places that claimed to be haunted in our area, and settled upon an old graveyard in Nashua, NH that allegedly had activity. They claim that it used to be a Native American battleground, and that the spirits of the Native Americans became angry when non-natives were buried there. People have said that a strange fog rolls in, that they hear whispers and see orbs darting around, and some have even seen full apparitions walking between the stones.

A picture from investigators.

So we went out to the cemetery a few times at different times of day, took pictures, and tried communicating, but we didn’t find much. We didn’t “see” anything, but we found a baby’s head stone that had a hole through it, which we thought was strange. The pictures we took were interesting – we actually saw several “orbs,” and little rainbow streaks on a lot of them. This was before digital cameras, but I still have the pictures somewhere.

We were disappointed that we didn’t catch any activity, but I’ve always tried to keep myself open to having an experience. My mother is definitely a believer, and she believes that her father communicates with her occasionally. She has a stuffed elephant from him on a shelf above her bed, and once in a while for no reason at all, the elephant falls off the shelf onto her. I absolutely believe that we’re not alone – there’s just too much proof (and I don’t mean reality show proof) to believe otherwise.

What’s your experience with the paranormal? Do you believe?

12 thoughts on “What’s Your Experience with the Paranormal?

  1. I’ve had no paranormal experiences at all. But I’ve always been deeply fascinated with the paranormal–ghosts in particular. One time, after reading an article about allegedly haunted places in my Mobile, Alabama hometown, I went on a tour of these places. I was disappointed that I saw nothing unusual–but still had an enjoyable time visiting–and imagining.

    For all we know, this universe is infinite. And for all we know, this universe is only one in an infinity of infinite universes. I truly believe that–if our minds and spirits go anywhere after our bodies die–they go into another universe. And I strongly suspect that when we see the deceased, we are seeing into this next universe–that ghosts don’t haunt us, we haunt them.


  2. Ok one short story to relate….This happened when I was about 8 yrs old…I had been having nightmares on this particular evening and my father at my urging came to sleep next to me. After I had drifted off to sleep…I awoke some time later…it was still dark and my father was asleep next to me. Something drew my attention to the foot of my bed, and I saw a shadow figure standing there just looking at me. At least that’s what it felt like…couldn’t really tell, because it had no eyes. But I could feel it’s presence physically, and a cold chill ran down my spine. In utter terror I shook my father awake, yelling…”there’s someone in my room!!” We both looked down at the foot of bed, but nothing was there. He told me that I just had another nightmare, and to go back to sleep….I didn’t fall back asleep until the sun came up…I know I wasn’t dreaming.


  3. Last Sunday my wife and I went to visit some friends, and one of them had this spooky story to tell:
    A month ago, her mother died. They were with her when it happened. They flew back home after arranging the burial. A week ago, her brother texted her to say, “My wife just freaked out… went in to check on the baby and the whole room reeked of cigarettes. Neither of us smoke, so she called me into the room. It was so bad my wife couldn’t stay in there, but the smell just reminded me of mom, the way she’d smoke like a chimney in the house when we were growing up. Right in the middle of the room, looking down into the crib, the smell was strongest, and I felt ice cold all over. Then it vanished.”
    Her reply?
    “Weird. My daughter just woke up from a nightmare, and when I asked her what was wrong, she said, ‘It’s okay, honey, I’m here to watch over all of my grandbabies.’ Then she fell right back to sleep.”

    Visitation from beyond a grave over 1000km away? I wouldn’t be surprised. Her mother always worked too hard and always cared for others before herself. If you are watching over them, grandma, I’m glad to hear it. I just hope you get some rest for yourself every now and then. You’ve earned it a thousand times over.


  4. I do, to some degree. I think energy remains, and overwhelming energy can be felt. Since scientists believe time may just be a construct for how we perceive things, I suppose it is possible in certain circumstances we might experience the reality of it, and may perceive or see things long since gone to us as well. Maybe.


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