POLL: Do You Prefer Natural Breasts or Augmentation?


People have long battled the cosmetic-only “boob job” topic, and there doesn’t seem to be a consensus about a preference. Personally, (aside from what may be medically necessary) I’m all for everything natural, but I certainly will admit to appreciating some work I’ve seen out there. I’ve wanted to get implants my whole life, but having studied science, I’m really not sure it’s worth the risk. And do we really have enough data on what happens to them with age? My husband is a firm believer in natural, so he’d probably be disappointed anyway!

So whether you have boobs, like playing with them, or can just appreciate looking at them, how do you generally feel about breast augmentation? Have you or your partner had it done? Any horror stories?

16 thoughts on “POLL: Do You Prefer Natural Breasts or Augmentation?

  1. Boobs I just love boobs period. Big ones little ones, boobs ate great. I have a parity to Rodney Carringtons titties and beer mine is titties and weed pretty much the same thing just replaced beer with weed titties and weed titties and weed and God Almighty for titties and leave


  2. Having had experience with both, I have to say natural.

    There was an interesting study published that indicated that resource security plays a large role in a man’s preference for large or small breasts. Essentially, larger breasts signal abundance of food, therefore wealth. They were rated much higher in appeal by men who were poor or hungry at the time of the study.

    I’ve heard from a great many women that men send conflicting signals: we ogle the big fake boobs, but turn around and say we prefer natural breasts.

    I see no contradiction here. Enjoying the visual aspect of a pair of beautifully crafted breast implants is really no different from looking at art (or in some cases, a train wreck). It doesn’t necessarily mean we actually want to touch the creepy things. Going beyond looking is when the implants lose a great deal of their appeal. Besides, other studies have shown that staring at breasts is actually good for men’s health, and has a significant impact on our longevity.

    So if you’re scratching your head over your partner deploring the increase in breast enhancement surgery while his favorite porno is full of fake titties, remember: looking at the menu isn’t the same as eating at the restaurant.


  3. Never have had a chance to see which I would ultimately prefer. Hands on approach. In pictures, sometimes boob jobs can be a little extreme, a little too abnormally large and it looks gross. Whether big or small I much prefer the natural look. If implants make them look natural than great.


  4. I would qualify the “Boob job” for the women that, oh, say that nature just kept on giving. Early age they are high and proud, but after children or as age and gravity take their toll. A “Correction” is

    Back Pain? Reduction is understandable.

    Even if the woman’s self-worth suffers? Meh. It is not my place to say. Come see me is all I can say. But it is not me that counts. Anyone that gives you a difficult time over the size of your build, tell them to… your fave sexual position with a porcupine here… and forget them. Do what makes YOU feel good. Your natural bod is great. Kiera Knightly has pointed out her assymmetry even. And she said it best and I’ll let YOU look it up. 😀 I don’t need to be near them bits anyway.

    I have not met a “too small” boob I have never liked. It’s all the giggles and gasping that I like.


  5. Definitely natural…although there are times I look at my boobs and think…hmmm…a little lift and a little extra meat couldn’t hurt…and don’t get me wrong some augmentations turn out really nice….but for me it’s knowing that there is something foreign in there…and I would constantly be worried about them busting….so for now…natural…10,15,20 years from now?…I’ll get back to you on that lol


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