5 thoughts on “Evidently I’m an “Erotic Sleeper” – Coincidence? What About You?

  1. Almost exclusively on my left side. Not sure how much faith I would put in a 700 person cross-section… I have numerous erotic dreams, regardless of the position I sleep in, and just as many nightmares. About the only thing I can say for sure is that if I sleep on my back, a nightmare is almost guaranteed, but I blame my grandfather for that. Once, as a boy, I woke up screaming. When he asked me what the problem was and I said nightmare, he said, “You were sleeping on your back, weren’t you?” I was just a kid, so I agreed. I honestly can’t remember if I was. But he said, “That’s your problem. Sleeping on your back will give you nightmares.” This was 30 years ago. To this day the power of his certainty has me convinced I will have nightmares if I sleep on my back, and if I try, I often can’t fall asleep at all because of the anxiety of having a nightmare. Hahaha… so it’s side sleeping for me! Sleeping on my front gives me a crick in my neck.


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