So, How Often Do You Really Masturbate?

layingSo tell me – how often do you masturbate? Is it always alone, has it always been the same frequency, do you use the same technique or toys every time, do you need visual stimulation? Tell me all about it!



18 thoughts on “So, How Often Do You Really Masturbate?

  1. I make it up to eleven a day about once a fortnight…but normally about five times a day…I love myself a lot 😉 Being an ex-junkie it’s the only way i can get dopamine into my frontal lobes without shooting smack


  2. Being asexual, and often heavily medicated, I can go months without even thinking about masturbation. But, as a youngster I was extremely androgynous looking, and I regularly enjoyed playing games with society, by manipulating the way I looked, – with the help of girl friends.

    So these days, when I’m not so subdued by all the medications, and I have too much time on my lonely hands, like say a fortnight of freedom, I still like to feminise my skinny 60kg frame, – which isn’t difficult. I’ll pick one of the many auburn coloured, synthetic fibre head pieces from my little black box, grab the black pearls, the stripper heels, one of my tight black lace tops and play away all night in front of the mirror, sometimes every night for a week, or until I’m completely spent.

    – Thank god for Doc Johnson,… and super skunk.


  3. It varies completely with me–and it’s always spontaneous. Almost always, I am lying in my bed, trying to sleep when I am suddenly overcome by a strong desire for a woman I’ve seen on television, online, or in the real world around me. And I simply cannot sleep until I’ve had virtual sex with this woman.


  4. Well, I could I’d I would, but i can’t so I won’t. I am rehashing health from cancer and for a variety of reasons sex is way down on the list. Maximum bummer as for most of life is been one of the most exciting and fun activities I can think of. BTW: thanks for following my blog at Send folks my way if you can.


  5. If you want to redesign this I would go up to once per day (maybe even once+ per day). I would ask male or female because I’m sure it is different. Stimuli might also be an interesting question: Read, watch Video, Talk to someone, toy, other. Where might also prove interesting: bed, couch, shower, toilet, office, public arena, etc.
    As for me, its about 5 times a week. Usually in my bed with video or picture porn, Sometimes I read, sometimes talk, no toys. Definitely an exhibitionist and will let anyone watch but avoid public for fear of getting caught.


  6. Hmmm….well, I made a post today about how much I hate myself…and after reading your post, I realized I have not yanked one out in quite some time. Obviously, my sexual behavior is tied to my emotions and I simply have not been in the mood. But I think I fluctuate a lot…there are times when I’m punching the bishop several times a day and there are other times the dolphin gets flogged very sporadically.


    1. I just reread my comment, and realized how horrible that sounded. Half my thought came out.. That should read

      Being single with no prospects physical contact with anyone other than my children is sparse.. So sexual contact with anyone other than myself is nonexistent.

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  7. I’d say I pretty much do it daily if I don’t have sex. My wife can sometimes go awhile without being in the mood so I have to take care of myself. I have a toy I use sometimes, but usually I go without.


  8. It comes in phases, sometimes I masturbate a couple times a day, get really horny and even do it at the office, then there are times when I go for days even weeks without.

    Due to limitation of toys in this place I use a small variety of them.

    When it come to stimulation, I like to read erotica more than watch it, but I can do without as well…


  9. Pretty much every single day. If I don’t, I tend to get horny to distraction. I can’t function properly and I get very short with my toddler because he likes to hug a lot and it makes my skin crawl when he hugs me while I’m that horny.
    I’ve even gotten so desperate I rubbed one out on the bus. Of course, no one was aware. It was winter and I had that many layers on. I whispered to my husband what I did and he just couldn’t believe it. I don’t know why. I guess he keeps underestimating just how excited he makes me.
    But I digress, I have to start my day rubbing one out before I even get out of bed. And then rubbing one out at night helps me sleep.
    Although my morning nut, I would prefer to be my husband’s cock because sex always leaves me energized.

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  10. For me daily. It’s more of a stress relief than anything else. Some relax would a cold beer after work. Me, grab my iPad, go to you porn, and whack the stress of the day away.

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