My Premier Erotica Narrative: “Satellite” – The Wait is Over!

Today is the day that I release my first “published” erotica narrative, Satellite. A big thank you to those of you who subscribed to get your sneak peek. I hope it kept you wanting more, and here’s a little bedtime story for you:



“Our alarm went off at 4am when it was still dark out, well before a human should be expected to function. I did, but barely, and only after consuming two and a half cups of coffee in rapid succession. It was a chilly December morning, so it was the perfect temperature for an adventure. The coffee warmed me up, so I carried the remainder of my third cup with me in my travel mug for the ride.

We were headed out to Satellite Mountain outside of Denver for a date hike. We both enjoy the outdoors, and there’s nothing more romantic to start the day with than watching the sunrise together. It was a thirty minute drive from our house, and my husband Dane drove us there. When we were about ten minutes away from the mountain, I readjusted and sat up in the passenger seat and felt a tug on the back of my thighs.

That’s when I remembered the fishnet thigh highs and garter belt I had snuck on under my hiking pants when Dane wasn’t looking. I love the way I feel in lingerie, and it’s a date, right? Just the pull of the garters against my thighs turned me on, but we were about to reach the trailhead and I knew he was excited to get started. So I ignored the twinge of excitement between my legs and we eventually started our hike.

The trail claims to be moderate in difficulty, but it’s was pretty easy so we didn’t even work up a sweat in the cold, crisp air. Stepping on rocks and over fallen down trees, we made our way up the mountain to the waterfall, our favorite spot. It usually takes us about an hour to get up there, but with only a few minutes left to go, the three coffees I drank came knocking at my door and I had to stop. I’m no amateur at peeing in the woods, so I always come prepared with everything a girl needs.

I quickly made my way off the trail a bit and found a spot to do my thing. I didn’t really need to hide because only my husband was around at that blasphemous hour. After cleaning my hands with disinfectant, we headed back on the trail and made it to the waterfall just in time for the sunrise. It hadn’t been cold long enough yet for the falls to have frozen, so they roared loudly beside us. Sitting on the rocks at the edge of the river, there’s a stunning panoramic view of the sunrise with the mountains in the distance, and we sat there leaning against each other.

I took out a small pipe and we got high watching the sun come up without speaking. Suddenly he stood up, took my hand, and pulled me onto my feet and into his chest. He kissed me so hard that I briefly saw stars, and I could feel the sudden passion behind his kiss. While extremely erotic, I wasn’t sure what inspired the sudden impulse.

As if he could read my thoughts, he whispered in my ear, ‘I saw the fishnets when you squatted down back there.’ At that moment, I realized I had to pee so urgently before we arrived that I completely forgot about the garter belt because I only needed to pull my pants down. He kissed me again and told me he was incredibly turned on by the sight of me in garters, but that he wanted to think about me wearing them for the remainder of the hike. I guess some things are worth waiting for.

He led me over to a rock wall and briskly pushed me up against it. With one hand placed against the wall above my head and him leaning into me, I could feel his stiffened cock press against my inner thigh. His other hand grazed my breast as he kissed the cool skin on my neck. My nipples, already hardened from the icy chill in the air, became so erect from his touch that I felt a good type of pain.

I unzipped my pants in anticipation – I’d been waiting for this since the ride here, after all – and took them off. He picked me up, laid me on a nearby boulder on top of my pants, and began kissing my inner thighs. He slowly lapped at my outer lips and periodically blew his hot breath against my chilly skin. Peering down at him, I could see the vapor cloud from his breath dancing around my pussy like ghosts. My clit pulsated as he devoured me, then placed a finger inside me.

When I thought I couldn’t take any more, he picked me up and carried me back to the rock wall. With my legs wrapped around him and my arms around his neck, I kissed him as he pressed my back against the cold, stone. He unzipped his pants with one hand as he held me up with the other and released his eager penis.

He held up the backs of my thighs feeling my fishnets and garters, and entered me slowly, teasing me as he kissed my neck before he fully penetrated me and awoke all of the nerve endings in my body. I felt a surge of endorphins and I almost came immediately. I clenched my muscles to tighten up around him and help stop my orgasm, but it aroused him even more causing him to increase intensity. He thrust his hips up against mine rhythmically and at just that right angle that rubbed against my clit, and I was completely vulnerable to him.

Within a minute, I found myself crying out in ecstasy as I gushed around his cock. The sound of me cumming always brings him over the edge, so he pounded me against that rock wall until he exploded inside me. When his thrusts finally slowed to a stop, we caught our breath and he lowered me to the ground. After kissing me once again he said, ‘Good thing it’s downhill after this!’


And those are my thoughts with a dildo in hand.


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