Disappointing Update on Previous Industry Spotlight: Behind Erotic Doors


I was pretty excited to work with this company, but unfortunately it seems our relationship has dissolved. I published this post four months ago as a sign of good faith on my end in exchange for some products to review, but I have not received anything to date, and they are no longer responding to my inquiries. I did like the range of products they have available, but I sadly can’t recommend any as of now. I hope to hear from them at some point!!




If you aren’t comfortable going into your local dive sex shop, it’s sometimes overwhelming to buy sex toys online. You only have so many reputable options, and it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate which websites are safe to buy from when it comes to the sex industry.

I was looking around at different websites to get a feel for what’s currently available, and I came across Behind Erotic Doors. What struck me first was the feel and theme of the website – black and red are always sexy and put you in the “mood” for toy shopping. They believe in embracing and enhancing your sexy, sensual, and romantic side, and advocate experimentation. I felt that we both share the same ideals about sexuality, so I became interested in them further.

What I like best about them is their “Toy of the Month Club,” which sends you a new toy for 3, 6, or 12 consecutive months from any genre you’ve chosen such as “Her Gay Variety,” “Anal,” or my favorite “Surprise Me.” This is better than sending someone flowers, and is actually cheaper at around $25 or less per month! It’s like a magazine subscription for your sex life – I’d LOVE for someone to gift this to me!

Their mailing list gives you access to discounts and free stuff just for joining, and they’re starting what’s called a “Social Club Membership” that is for networking, hosting parties, annual retreats, and discounts to big events. They have very inexpensive starter toys, to pretty high-end, luxury toys that look delightful! I also like that they have a lot of gift sets, and they even have a pay-per-minute video-on-demand. And of course, they are very discreet with their packaging and billing.

They seem like a good find, so I contacted them and they were kind enough to offer me a “special care package.” I’m going to begin adding reviews to my site, so I’m going to start them off with my care package! Depending on what they send, perhaps I’ll be able to give one away to a lucky listener. 😉

You can find Behind Erotic Doors here, and follow them on Twitter @eroticbed.

Flowers or toy of the month for your birthday – what do you guys think?

8 thoughts on “Disappointing Update on Previous Industry Spotlight: Behind Erotic Doors

  1. Once again, you stopped my *quick* browsing. The last image you had of “New Battery Night” made me laugh so hard I nearly hurt myself. I had to close the tab to compose myself enough to keep reading other writers.

    Keep up the good work!


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