A Reward for You!

rewardHello! I’ve decided that it’s time to share a little erotica with you. You’re my faithful reader, (or hopefully will be!), and I think you deserve extra sex in your life. I’ve created a little incentive for my readers to subscribe and follow me on Twitter, etc, in exchange for a preview of the narrative I wrote. You also get a special message from me, and I tell you the story of where I first masturbated publicly. 😉

I’ve written erotica a few times in my life, but not in over a decade. Since I’m back into writing, and half of it is about sex, I figured I could dabble. So, to access your sneak preview, please visit here, and come back to the Sneak Peak post with your code. Thank you and enjoy!


PS – Any requests?

7 thoughts on “A Reward for You!

      1. Haha, I’m still trying to wrap my head around twitter! Give me twenty years, and I might be able to catch up. Otherwise I’ll be that grumpy old curmudgeon prefacing everything he says with, “Back in MY day…”

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