I Was Interviewed About Sex, Depression, and Cannabis by Goodleaf.com

This odyssey of mine began 20 days ago when I decided I’m finally going to start that damn blog I’d been thinking about writing for a year. I’d even had some ideas tucked away in a Google Keep note in my phone just begging to be published, but I kept putting it off because I procrastinate with literally everything, and I really am not a writer.

I’d started going through a rough patch and didn’t really have anyone to talk to about it because my husband was traveling for work. Sometimes all you need is to talk to someone who can relate, so I felt a sudden urge to go online and find those people. Thus, Thoughts With a Dildo in Hand was born. I already had registered the email address a year ago, so I created a new Twitter handle (@thoughtswdildo) and a WordPress blog, and set off to begin my story.

I’ll be damned, but within a day I already had a couple hundred Twitter followers, and a few people were actually reading and following my blog. I started receiving heartfelt comments about touching the lives of people, and being asked to write more. Then after only two days of even existing, I was approached by Derek, the Editor-In-Chief at goodleaf.com (@goodleafsupply) to do a feature interview about my perspective on sex, depression, and cannabis – or “sexual healing.”

I actually had a lot of fun answering the questions – I’m a completely honest person and I will literally talk about or answer anything. I’m a scientist, so the nerd in me definitely came out in this interview because I want to not only relate and commiserate with my readers, but also provide the science behind what our bodies think and feel. Here’s an excerpt:

“Goodleaf: So, how does it feel to climax while high?

Ophelia: Well, for the sake of authenticity, I took a little “break” before answering this question.

It’s a little like laying on the beach on a comfortably warm day with the sun kissing your face and a cold, crisp breeze that keeps your senses keen and alert. I’ve discovered how to use my mind and body to make me orgasm countless times, and I’ve learned how to drag out the feeling of the orgasm for minutes instead of fleeting seconds by using my new toy. And the kicker is that the best orgasm is actually the third or fourth one in — I sometimes can’t believe the explosion that erupts from inside me. When I climax high, my entire body is thrust forward with a surge, and there is a roar inside me that pulsates for as long as I desire. Sometimes I can’t even hold back the screams. Climaxing while high disconnects you from any reality you know and allows you to feel every wave of pleasure that throbbing inside of you.”

Feel free to check out my interview with Goodleaf right over here, and be sure to check out their website and follow them on Twitter!

I’d love to hear what you think of the interview!

7 thoughts on “I Was Interviewed About Sex, Depression, and Cannabis by Goodleaf.com

  1. I wish we poor old men could talk about “multiple orgasms”…. Great interview, you’re very literate as well as interesting – and the biology and chemistry make you authoritative as well. Also pleased you’ve given yourself a name – “Ophelia” has a nice ring, and she was a similarly complex personality….


  2. How did you gain so many followers (on wp and twitter) so quickly? Any tricks or is it just quality content? Asking because I’m just starting up as well but not seeing as much action.


  3. Excellent interview. Nice to get a glimpse of your educated side. As my wife would say, “Talk nerdy to me!”
    My personal weapon against depression and anxiety has been meditation and, even more effective, mindfulness. I have stacks of coloring books that I can lose myself in for hours.
    Numerous solutions exist. One just has to be willing to search for them, experiment, and look inwards to get an honest view of the results.


  4. Awesome interview, I cannot physically smoke due to my asthma but I may ask my therapist about alternatives for my anxiety. I would love to find things that help with the edge there and my sex life…I have a problem coming out of my own head sometimes… Actually more often than not!


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