26 thoughts on “On 9/12/15, 3:27pm, I Have Officially Hit Rock Bottom

  1. Stopped by today because you visited me…glad I did. Depression is an asshole that I am familiar with. Please remember that there is light on the other side. Don’t know if you are familiar with Jenny Lawson, but she is one of my favorite people. She writes http://thebloggess.com/, and she is “one of us.” One of her lines about the darkness is to remember: “Depression lies.” And it does. Hang on, sister.

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  2. I cook ramen in water and boil it,

    Cooking it just right not to spoil it.

    I’ve gone a bit far

    Drunk at home from the bar,

    By using water I scooped up from the toilet! 😜

    (Smiling, yet?)

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  3. If I was physically there with you I’d give you a hug and a large glass of wine: since I’m not, here’s some virtual love. I know it’s only words, but we’ll be here whenever you want to talk.

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