The Day it Happened….

One night, my husband and I went upstairs to go to bed. When I rounded the bed to reach my side, I saw a box on my pillow. I opened it and discovered another long, skinny box, a bunch of lubes, some condoms, necklaces, and some pins. This is the most random box I had ever opened, but it certainly had my attention. Evidently my husband won a toy and some schwag in a contest held by someone on Twitter.

Aside from the fact that we just don’t win things in life, I had no idea how that little box was about to change my life. The toy in question here is the beloved Magic Wand Original. I am one of those women who prefer stronger stimulation, but the intensity of this thing is simply astonishing. So much so that I have subsequently named it “The Jackhammer,” and it is exactly what I need.

If you’ve ever felt the twinge of depression be it a lifelong battle, or just a broken heart after a breakup, you know you have days where you truly cannot make it out of bed. My husband travels frequently for work, so I would find myself in bed on such a day watching Netflix and getting high. Suddenly my Grey’s Anatomy would take a racy turn as a resident and intern slide inside an on-call room for a quick screw, and I’d discover a tingling between my legs. It’s no secret that weed makes you horny, so I’d end up reaching for my Jackhammer and experimenting with it.

Hitachi make two kinds of Magic Wands – Original and Rechargeable. The Original that I have has a low and high setting, but even the low really packs a punch. I quickly discovered that I can give myself different orgasms depending on which setting I have it on, and if I have a dildo inside me as well. The feeling of the vibrations coursing through me along with the serene calm of being high puts me in a kind of cerebral trance state. It feels like being half high, and half asleep, and every sensation is magnified. I’m able to picture any fantasy, and feel everything in slow motion. I’ve actually been able to hypnotize myself twice – true fact. I just wish someone could record the thoughts I have in my head, it would probably make a best seller.

A huge turn on of mine is being teased, so I like to start out slowly by caressing my inner thighs and outer lips lightly while I choose what porn I want to watch. I’m a big proponent of porn, it always has me wet in no time. The Jackhammer feels good just about anywhere you put it, but placing it right above, yet touching, my clit is always a winner. I usually like to start the first few orgasms on low speed, because there’s only up from there! With that thing, I can come within the minute, but it’s once I get there that really blows my mind. The peak of the typical orgasm (at least in my own, female experience) only lasts but a few brief seconds before tapering off, but with the Magic Wand, I’m able to control and sustain that feeling of ecstasy for as long as I can take it. Additionally, I can give myself as many orgasms as I have time for.

After some experimenting, I realized that having a dildo inside me at the same time brings the orgasms to a whole other level. Everyone knows that women have clitoral orgasms, and G-spot orgasms – I can assure you, there is a difference, and they both do exist. When I have something inside me (dildo, penis, or otherwise), I’m able to expand and contract my vaginal wall muscles putting pressure on my G-spot, which results in an utter explosion of bliss throughout my entire body. Then I’m able to hold onto the high of the orgasm and ride it right into countless other orgasms. The best part is that they keep getting better, and by the third or fourth one, I’m unable to control what screams escape my throat.

Needless to say, I’ve had very real thoughts in my head about how I cannot be without a Magic Wand for the remainder of my life, how I need to figure out how and where I am going to stock up on extras (because this one is bound to die with the amount of use it gets), and approximating what they might have for a lifespan. I have done the math. I also CANNOT WAIT to try the cordless.

So after many times of Googling how to have better orgasms and what the best techniques are, and finding nothing but illiterate monkeys talking about “how me n my bf had da best sex last nyte,” I thought, maybe I have the best technique. So, I decided to share it.

If you too want earth-shattering orgasms and reckless abandon, you can find the Magic Wand Original and the Magic Wand Rechargeable at my favorite, safe, discrete, and non-discriminating sex toy shop, Good Vibes.

Those are my thoughts with a dildo in hand.

Published by Ophelia ❤️

Hey! I'm Ophelia. You've just entered a safe space! Here, we talk about depression, sex, and cannabis openly and honestly without judgment. It's time we stop vilifying these natural subjects which have grown to become taboo. When depression is mislabeled as laziness, we encourage suicide. When sex is taught to be shameful, we promote rape culture. And when cannabis is prohibited, ailing people suffer without access, or worse, are jailed.​ I have a Bachelor of Science degree and have spent my adult life researching and experimenting with these topics. I've made it my mission to dispel myths by using science, and to give others hope by sharing my experiences.​ Lives are destroyed or lost when we choose to not talk about the difficult things. But we can do better. Start by Speaking Out on the Unspeakable! @FearlessOphelia

23 thoughts on “The Day it Happened….

  1. I have had the same experiences as you with orgasms and I’d like to try that dildo. As much as I masterbate I haven’t used dildos much because my thing was water/hand stimulation. I just happened to try my showerhead once day and it was killer!

    I had such a strong orgasm it scared me! You know the kind where it isn’t ending, your skin gets prickly, your head feels like it’s exploding…the wonderful feelings are running through my legs, I had to slow down and get a grip.

    It’s not like I had weak orgasms before this and I’ve had both G spot and clitoral. I have had so many different types of orgasm at the age of 61 that I quit trying to classify them and just enjoy the fact that I am still so horny and sexual. (I’m in pretty good shape still, 60 is the new 40 in my book.) It wasn’t always that way though, I too had to explore to find out for myself.

    I enjoy the water harder than normal I have one setting where a pulsing stream comes out of the head and I force the water inside (not touching my clit) and in no time I am having the type of orgasm I have with a dick, only I think better. I can direct the water on my clit or even hitting my G spot to make it as intense as I want it.

    A lighter setting on my clit still scares me at times the orgasms are just so intense and so different than the G spot, hard musle jerking and I do have juices flowing but I never peed come like I’ve seen some women do.

    After I come once, it doesn’t take much to come again. Just like you mentioned once I start I can spend some time pleasuring myself over and over again until I tire myself out. Nothing is better than sleeping after an orgasm huh? Pot does make it better I agree but I can’t smoke like I used to anymore.

    I’d like to try that magic wand. The first and only time I had a dildo someone gave it to me too. It was shaped like a large dick and vibrated a few speeds but it was underpowered and like you, I like a harder stimulation at times. I decided they weren’t for me.

    Thanks for your frank talk about sex and other things. I’m single and don’t sleep with men as much as I’d like so am glad that I can satisfy myself. There was a time I thought I had lost my passion and orgasms but it was due to depression and once I cleared some of the fog I got back into the saddle and found it was just in my mind.

    Have a good rest of the week.


  2. I love your posts. Really, really, love them.
    I am currently wishing my husband didn’t work away — I hope that is not an inappropriate comment to make, but I’m guessing from your blog content you won’t give a damn.


  3. Love it! Thank you for stepping up and informing us about your experiences. I am very happy to read about them, a bit jealous, but I will take note!


  4. Thank you for the likes. Your blog is interesting and original, congratulations.

    Female orgasms are really very different from male orgasm. Male orgasm is going slowly up but the “real orgasm”, the climax of pleasure, can only last a few seconds (maybe a maximum of thirty seconds, even if some techniques could maybe expand this period). Female orgasm can “easily” (depending on each individual conditions) last long time. This is a very big difference. If males want to reach such state of bliss they have to take drugs or practice high meditation !

    I hope that your depression problems will get better. I will try to look if there are some solutions in the alternative medecine’s field except cannabis. Chemical molecules can be interesting but if there are other solutions, more natural, it may be better. I will try to look (because it is a frequent and difficult to solve problem), it will take me some time, but I will try. If after one or two months I did not send you messages on this point, it is maybe that I forgot or went on other projects, but you can still send me a message on buddhameditation.wordpress, it will remind me of it.

    Best of luck


  5. I love this. LOVE this! The title and concept for this blog is fabulous! And the writing style, great. Sexy, erotic, educational, and honest all in one. Hard to find.
    AND! My partner says that everyone she knows rates the Magic Wand at the top of their list. But she has never personally tried one….this will have to be a present for her very soon


  6. Why is it that I strayed from writing thrillers to write erotica … and then I find you lovely people! Yes, it’s meant to be an exclamation mark, and not because it was a rhetorical question – because it looks more phallic than a question mark.
    Anyway, I think at the second attempt I’ve managed to find and press your … ‘Follow’ button.
    Keep it up!


  7. I ve always wondered if there’s anyone like me (in the orgasmic aspect). Reading your orgasm descriptions are just like reading my own! I totally get every detail you wrote~
    Anyways, thanks for liking my other post. I will keep on reading your interesting stories.


  8. Hi, thanks for liking and following me – most of my (few) WordPress followers seem to be female… Thinking of dildos, there’s one post I did (which now seems incredibly badly written, but it is what it is) which you’d never find, lost in my theme’s recesses:

    There’s even a drug-related aspect if you’d ever like to pleasure yourself with a Mystic Mushroom… Really interesting blog – don’t worry about limited readership at the beginning – it’ll end up like a snowball rolling down a mountainside. Everybody’s interested in sex, a fair few in sex’n’drugs, and the great thing is that you’ve got a good, intimate writing style. When I’ve discovered where they’ve hidden the “Follow” button I’ll be your next customer…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I love the intimate feel you’ve achieved here. Thank you for sharing. I wish more people were willing to open up and talk about things like this. Nothing stuns me more than grown men and women who can’t utter the word penis or vagina without turning red and tittering in embarassment. Your forthright approach is very refreshing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your continued readership. I do find that there isn’t too much published from people like me, so I’m glad I’m able to reach someone. I’m definitely an open and honest person, so let me know if there’s anything you’d like to hear about. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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